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COG  Gaffer Feature Film , Jas Shelton, D of P

The A-List Gaffer, Feature Film  Philip Lee, D of P

NBC Sports Lighting director for Portland Timbers Home Game Broadcast

EILEEN BRADY CAMPAIGN – Commercial (Gaffer) – Snyder Pickerill Group

THE JOURNEY GYM – Infommercial (Gaffer) – Funnel Box Productions

PARANORMAN – EPK (Gaffer/Best Boy) – Laika Productions

TOADIES – Rock Video “Summer of the Strange” (Gaffer) – Yourmom Films

THE SHINS – Rock Video (Gaffer) – Doomsday Entertainment

CARRINGTON COLLEGE - Spot (Gaffer) – Lyons Films

GRIMM – TV Series (Rigging) – NBC Universal



NIGHTSCAPES - Feature (Gaffer) - Patrick Neary, DP

BREAKING BAD - Television promos (Gaffer)

IN PLAIN SIGHT – TV promos (Gaffer)

DOLCE AND GABANNA – Promo (Best Boy)

TEN YEAR - Feature (Best Boy) - Steve Mathis, Gaffer and Steve Fierberg, ASC ,DP

UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO – TV Spot (Gaffer) – Firestone Productions



TIGER EYES – Feature (Gaffer) - Seamus Tierney, DP

STARGATE UNIVERSE – Television (Gaffer) - James Menard DP


100 NIGHTS OF SUMMER – New Mexico Department of Transportation PSA series of 8 spots (Gaffer) - David J. Schwitzer, DP    



THE KILLER INSIDE ME - Feature (Gaffer) - Marcel  Zyskind, DP, M. Winterbottom,    

STARGATE UNIVERSE – TV series (Gaffer) - Ron Schmitt, DP



DOC WEST – TV, Italy (Gaffer) - Massimiliano Trevis, DP   

INHALE – Feature (Gaffer) - Ottar Gudnuson, DP

EASIER WITH PRACTICE – Feature (Gaffer) - David Morrison, DP, and Kyle Alverez, Director


THE DARK COUNTRY – Feature (Gaffer) - Geoff Boyle, DP, and Tom Janes, Director

THE WAR BOYS – Feature (Gaffer) - Horacio Marquinez, DP, and Ron Daniels, Director

LOVE LIES BLEEDING – Feature (Best Boy) - Paul Elliot, DP

BURROWERS – Feature (Second Unit Gaffer)

3:10 TO YUMA – Feature (Fixture Specialist/Rigging Gaffer)


At Bonanza CreekBuried AliveLove Lies BleedingJericho


HORROR CHRONICLES – Three features for SCI FI Channel (Best Boy/2nd Unit Gaffer) - Tom Calloway, DP

THE TRADE – Feature (3rd Electric) - Danny Eclestine, Gaffer



DOUBTING THOMAS – Feature (Best Boy) - Steve Mullen, Gaffer, and Paul Elliot, DP

LAST RIDE TO JERICHO – Feature (Best Boy) - Steve Mullen, Gaffer



SUSPECT ZERO – Feature (Set Electric/2nd Unit Best Boy) - Michael Chapman, DP

HIGH LOW COUNTRY – Feature (Rigging Grip)

JOHN CARPENTER’S VAMPIRE – Feature (2nd Unit Electric)

EARTH 2, THE SERIES - Television (Rigging/Set Electric)

EARTH 2, PILOT (Rigging Best Boy)

BUFFALO GIRL (2nd UNIT 3rd Electric)

(+12 more productions)